Walk 6,000 steps a day in November

It's a walk in the park...

Pull on your walking boots, grab the dog's lead and get ready to reconnect with nature. SameYou is launching its 6,000 steps challenge - and we want YOU to get involved!

Throughout November, we are asking supporters to walk 6,000 steps every day to raise money for SameYou and help the one in three who will experience a brain injury in their lifetime.

Our work as a brain injury recovery charity is to develop better mental health recovery treatment for survivors, and to advocate for change.

We seed fund innovations in research and therapies, work with partners to deliver education programmes for healthcare professionals and deliver real-time group rehabilitation services to revolutionise care.

We know the strong connection between walking and mental health, with exercise triggering the release of ‘feel good’ hormones.

Even just ten minutes of brisk walking can increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety and stress, and create a positive mood.

So, sign up today and get hiking for SameYou.

See our social media platforms and sameyou.org for more information.


 When: November 2023

             Location: Anywhere your feet can take you

Shareable 6,000 steps resources: available here





November 30, 2023 at 6:00pm -

Will you come?