Complete 26 miles by the 30th September 2020, when this challenge ends!

Many of you know Tanja, she's the lovely person listening to your stories and answering your questions. Tanja was planning on walking a mind boggling 100km in 24 hours for SameYou - unfortunately this was cancelled. So, we decided to support her and join her on a virtual trek across the Andes!

Emilia, Jenny and the rest of the SameYou team are going to walk, run and cycle 26 miles in a virtual challenge. We’re starting at the beginning of the Inca Trail and arriving at Machu Picchu.

You can support Emilia and the team by clicking here to donate.

Or why not join us? Sign up, create your own fundraising page, connect the fitness app Strava and track your progress directly onto your fundraising page. 

Don't forget to tag us on social media and use #SameYouIncaChallenge so we can follow your journey!

If you raise or donate £500, we will send you a limited edition Inca Challenge t-shirt.

Make sure to complete the 26 miles by 30th September 2020.

If you need any help or advice, contact [email protected], it's no prob-llama, or check our FAQ.

25 August 2020 Emilia kicks off the challenge!

Watch Emilia kicking off the challenge with her dog Ted. 

3 miles down, 23 to go!

26 August 2020 Anything Is Possible

Emilia passes on the baton to her mum - Jenny and Roxy take on round two of the challenge. 

Watch for Jenny's reflections after finishing. 

27 August 2020 Hills, hills and more hills! It's Tanja's turn

Did you know that Tanja was our inspiration for the challenge? Not quite 100km, which was her original distance but her and dog Dudley completed it with ease (despite the hills). 

29 August 2020 Whoa, that was windy!

Today was Kate's turn to take on the challenge along with Megan the dog and her mum!  It was a rather windy day but they managed it despite having to manoeuvre around fallen trees - look out for the photo on social media!

30 August 2020 Clare and her family take on the Inca Challenge

Day 6 was Clare's turn. They took a family walk from RAF Kenley and through the woods to do their leg of the challenge. Check out their video to see how they got on!


1 September 2020 Chele takes us to the beach!

Another windy day - but what wonderful views.

We're so close now - have a look at the map.


2 September 2020 Angela reaches the base of Machu Picchu

It's is looking a little different these days!

It seems to have changed from Angela's trek two years ago - far less llamas!

3 September 2020 We've done it!

We've made it 26 miles all the way to Machu Picchu.

And some of us have found it such fun we're doing it again!

Now it's your turn to take on the challenge, and get moving!