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PAVING the Path to Wellness: Emergency Response Edition

Anxiety and isolation have been an unfortunate and widespread consequence of the global COVID-19 pandemic―a situation only compounded for those recovering from a complex medical condition. SameYou funded remote options for therapeutic human connection with Spaulding Rehabilitation Network and partnered to launch the PAVING the Path to Wellness: Emergency Response Edition to provide a safe and effective way for brain injury and stroke survivors to engage in positive therapeutic connection during this precarious time.

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I RISE: Improving resilience in survivors' experience

A renowned expert on traumatic brain injury, Ross Zafonte, D.O., is the senior vice president of research, education, and medical affairs at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and chair of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School. 

Dr. Zafonte talks about partnering with SameYou for Brain Injury Recovery to launch a new research initiative under the auspices of the Spaulding Research Institute’s Discovery Center for Brain Injury and Concussion Recovery.


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