I'm running the LLHM for my grandad

George Martin is 18 years old and our youngest London Landmarks Half Marathon runner. "It is a great achievement for me to be able to take part in the LLHM. I feel privileged that I am able to run for a charitable cause while achieving a personal goal."

My grandad had two strokes very close together. The doctors failed to diagnose his first stroke which then led to a further stroke. This has left him with slow speech and he now sometimes struggles to verbalise himself which leaves him frustrated.

Grandad was one of the lucky ones who was admitted to a specialist rehab unit, however, he wasn’t given the cognitive treatment he required. His rehab involved making sure he was able to do basic household chores, and be able to make a cup of tea and toast before being discharged home. If he had been given cognitive rehabilitation too, perhaps his recovery would be different.

I understand that many hospitals do not have the resources to offer specialist rehabilitation services, and those that do have waiting lists which means the care provided often comes too late. I believe that there needs to be more research into the effects of brain injury and increased funding for rehabilitation services to improve people's recovery journey.  That is why I have chosen to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon for SameYou.

I enjoy running however, I have never run a half marathon and so I am looking forward to the challenge!  To make sure I can complete successfully and in a good time, I am following a strict training schedule!

There is a lack of services after a brain injury and SameYou are raising awareness and understanding of what brain injury survivors need. I want to help SameYou and be part of that change that is needed to help brain injury survivors like my grandad. Please support me and donate to my fundraising page.

Thank you to George for deciding to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon for SameYou. We will be checking in with George over the next few weeks to see how his training in going! Please support George's fundraising and help him hit his target by donating to his page.

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