Survivor Stories

Portrait: Jelena image

Portrait: Jelena

Jelena's story helps raise awareness of the potential effects of a mosquito bite that carries the West Nile virus.

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Portrait: Amy image

Portrait: Amy

Amy tells us of how a brain tumour completely changed her life and of how having a tight support system during recovery is essential to learn to move forward.

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Portrait: Tracye image

Portrait: Tracye

On December 7, 2004, I was 34 years young, strong and very healthy. While I was riding my horse, I suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH).

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Portrait: Brogan image

Portrait: Brogan

Around 11pm, about two hours into my shift, I was getting some pickle juice from the walk-in cooler in the back and as I was walking back, to the bar, was when it hit me suddenly 

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Portrait: Malcolm image

Portrait: Malcolm

In June 2022, my dad Malcolm had a cardiac arrest and my mum did CPR for 18 minutes while she waited for the ambulance to arrive.

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Portrait: Madeleena image

Portrait: Madeleena

While fighting leukemia, Madeleena had a stroke which changed the course of her young adult life.

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Portrait: Ray image

Portrait: Ray

On January 13th, 2022, after a week of extreme headaches, I had a seizure and stroke in the car as my mother drove me to the ER. A neurosurgeon quickly identified an AVM hemorrhage and began to operate. A third of my skull was removed so the AVM could be removed, and I sat in a coma (possibly sedated) for a month with a tracheotomy.

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Portrait: Dmitry image

Portrait: Dmitry

Trying to understand what was going on, I went to an otorhinolaryngologist and a neurologist, but they said everything was fine. The conclusion was that most likely this was the effect of anesthesia after an operation. An MRI was ordered, but unfortunately, the results showed that I had suffered a micro stroke.

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Portrait: Kevin image

Portrait: Kevin

After waking up in the morning, Kevin felt a pain like he had never felt. It subsided for a short time, then bang! It was back again. A brain hemorrhage had occurred.

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Portrait: Mary image

Portrait: Mary

Mary experienced a traumatic brain injury aged 2 years old. She tells us about the lifelong impact of a fall as a toddler.

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Portrait: Rich image

Portrait: Rich

On New Year’s Eve, 2001, I was about to get high on the purest drugs. Sadly, it was in the neurosurgery prep room.

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Portrait: Tobias image

Portrait: Tobias

Tobias is a brain injury survivor who had to learn to walk, eat and talk again after suffering a devastating aneurysm. He spoke of the “moving” moment he crossed the finish line after taking part in SameYou’s Cycle Ibiza challenge.  

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Portrait: Emily image

Portrait: Emily

I got married on 2nd May 2021. My husband and I had been married a whole 16 days before I sustained a TBI.

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Portrait: Daniel image

Portrait: Daniel

At 28, I was leading a healthy, active life. After an optometrist appointment to identify the cause of my persistent headaches, I was handed a sealed envelope and told to go directly to the hospital. What followed, was emergency brain surgery.

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Portrait: Aditi image

Portrait: Aditi

I was diagnosed with Meningitis Brain Tuberculosis in November 2020 that resulted in a brain infection and stroke which hampered my vision, my comprehension and the worst: my 30 years of memory.

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Portrait: Georgie image

Portrait: Georgie

In her early 20s, with no prior symptoms Georgie's stroke came as a huge shock and reminder that you never know what is around the corner.

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Portrait: Esther image

Portrait: Esther

Aged 32, nothing suggested that I would wake up one day with such an event that turns one's life upside down in a second.

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Portrait: Sheila image

Portrait: Sheila

Sheila had a brain haemorrhage following brain surgery to take out a vascular tumor or cavernoma. Her story provides reassuring advice to those who may have gone through a similar experience.

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Portrait: Shan Shan image

Portrait: Shan Shan

Shan Shan relates some of the challenges she experienced as a health professional recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

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Portrait: Niamh image

Portrait: Niamh

On 29 April 2021, I experienced a sharp and severe onset of a headache. It was the worst pain I have felt but having not been affected by headaches I thought that it was a migraine.

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