Survivor Stories

Portrait: Ruth image

Portrait: Ruth

In 2016, I was doing well at work in Scotland, and I was about to start a new job in Cornwall when about a month before I was due to start, I had a stroke I was aged 30. 

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Portrait: Jaqueline image

Portrait: Jaqueline

On November 12th, 2021, I woke up feeling fine, but while on a Zoom meeting, I heard a pop in my head and the room started spinning.

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Portrait: Samantha image

Portrait: Samantha

My dad was working as a correctional officer at a juvenile facility. His radio was taken by an inmate, and while attempting to get it back, the inmate picked up my dad and slammed him into the concrete floor.

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Portrait: Bridget C image

Portrait: Bridget

I was 25 years old. I was married to the love of my life; we had an 18-month-old daughter and I was also 24 weeks pregnant with our son when I felt a "POP" in my head.

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Portrait: Suzanne M image

Portrait: Suzanne

In November 2020 my fit and healthy 32-year-old wife Suzanne suffered a catastrophic subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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Portrait: Kyle image

Portrait: Kyle

I had just returned from holiday when I started to feel really unwell and sick. I now know it was an AVM that had ruptured and I was suffering a bleed on the brain.

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Portrait: Liliana image

Portrait: Liliana

I was washing my dog after being outside when a horrible pain in my head made everything foggy and surreal as I was standing up. 

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Portrait: Michelle & Danial Khan image

Portrait: Michelle & Danial

A big hurdle we came across in Danial's recovery were the delays and lack of awareness on hospital wards in meeting needs for an Autistic person’s 1-on-1 care.

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Portrait: Rose K image

Portrait: Rose K

I am a survivor of 2 brain injuries within the course of a few years. One by rape and one from an aneurysm.

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Portrait: Myra K image

Portrait: Myra K

I was approaching the end of my first year working as a Nurse Practitioner when I suddenly became the patient instead of the prescriber.

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Portrait: Kym Cridland image

Portrait: Kym C

I am a wife, mother of three, and a second grade teacher. By sharing my story, I hope that someone might find comfort in knowing they are not alone and that recovery from brain injury happens at its own pace.

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Portrait: Anonymous image

Portrait: Anonymous

I had a SAH in January, 2019. I was 29 years old at the time: fit, a keen sports person, and it came out of the blue.

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Portrait: Dylan Finn image

Portrait: Dylan

The doctors in Asheville were straight forward with my mom, telling her there was a 90% chance I wouldn’t make it out of the coma.

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Portrait: Matthew  image

Portrait: Matthew

My name is Matthew and in February 2021 whilst out running I suffered a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage.

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Portrait: Catherine's mum Mimi image

Portrait: Catherine's mum Mimi

This story is about my mum, Mimi, who sadly passed away in August last year following a long battle with a brain injury.

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Portrait: Dave  image

Portrait: Dave

I had a brain stem bleed in July 2017 at the age of 36, and a TIA 12 months later.  Being young, fit and healthy they were both totally unexpected.

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Atticus Lim: Neither my family nor I knew what to expect image

Atticus Lim: Neither my family nor I knew what to expect

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Veronique Theberge: My brain injury story image

Veronique Theberge: My brain injury story

Veronique's brain injury was acquired following a brain infection called viral meningo-encephalitis.

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Luke and Ellis Parry: Our Story image

Luke and Ellis Parry: Our Story

A few years ago, my identical twin brother, Luke, suffered a traumatic brain injury. The event would change his life completely but also inspire the work we now dedicate ourselves to. It is a deeply personal story and is central to the company, our ethos and vision.

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Covid led to my strokes image

Covid led to my strokes

When I had two strokes while working in a high-powered job, it stunned everyone who knew me. It was unexpected. I was very fit; swimming outdoors all year, cycling more than 10 hours a week, and a regular gym-goer. I was a scuba diving instructor in my spare time and didn’t imagine that I would be hit by strokes.

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